Establishing the Highland community garden has emerged from a combination of longing, awareness, hard work, common desire with others and a sense that gardening together is one way to picture God's presence with us through the gifts of nature. In their very existence and manifestation of the profound in the ordinary, gardens carry the potential of teaching and connecting us with our dependence on nature, and provide us with a meaningful connection to its gifts of beauty and sustainability. In their ability to amaze and delight us, gardens can teach us something about ourselves and provide another context out of which to discern spiritual realities that elude us in other aspects of our lives. Our hope is that gardening together can be an expression and experience of community and conversation.

Four Goals outlined in our mission statement read as follows:

1) To produce food for use by community garden participants.

2) To model sustainable gardening methods.

3) To enhance the attractiveness of the garden landscape for the enjoyment of gardeners and the local community.

4) To provide a place that encourages harmony with the natural and spiritual world

Written by Edythe Neumann, Highland Community Garden, Abbotsford, BC.