Garden Talk

HCG Food Delivery Day

Hi Everyone, Last Monday before the rain began, Jessica and her girls, Richard and I gathered vegetables from most our gardens and donated all of it to the Archway Food Bank. We picked, and cleaned about four large boxes on your behalf. Thanks to everyone who donated. The Food Bank was very grateful and many families had fresh vegetables that would have just gone to waste.

November is when our gardens need to be cleaned up and we will be pushing the compost back with a machine, into the bushes at this time. Doing this will help you to retain your $25 maintenance fee.

HCG Food Bank


I would like to take any of your extra produce to the food bank. I have seen lots of ripe tomatoes on the ground and kids could be eating them! If you want me to pick some produce I can (this time) just email me the number of your plot and I will pick a few things that you...

Reminder - On Tuesday, August 27, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at the HCG, we will be having our annual Harvest Fest.